The Power of Prints

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a review on trendy looking prints on ladies’ shoes, pants, dresses, skirts, bags – highlighting where to find and examples on how to wear prints

Prints have always been a trendy part of modern fashion and have moved up the ladder to keep up with fashion’s transformation. And ideally, prints can be combined in a variation of colours which look great on almost everything including your shoes and handbags.

Here are trendy prints to look out for in 2017 to enhance your beauty.

Animal Prints

Animal skins are a great inspiration for many fashionistas and there’s no disputing that. You can find them on almost every girly accessories including jackets, skirts, tops, handbags and a lot more. And oh, they come in amazing varieties for you to choose from.

Dresses available at Pinkclove, Asos, Prommafia Expressitmobile


Shoes available at Topshop, Polyvore & Michael Kors

Floral Prints

Floral prints are an arrangement of unique flowers and ideas associated with any plant form created from a well-balanced composition of floral materials that are aesthetically pleasing.

Newlookassets, Calvin Klein & Polyvore

Polka dots

Polka dots have been in existence for many years but became popular in the late 1920’s and has since been a conspicuous element on our runways. Polka’s are Dazzling and flattering in all shades and dimensions so it’s not hard to see why fashion designers are so much in love with them!

Available at Polyvore, Dresshead

Geometric inspired prints

Geometry isn’t only useful and applicable in solving math problems. The triangular, pentagonal and zigzag features are certainly of great value when it comes to selecting the perfect design for prints. Geometric symbols can be creatively combined to produce attractive designs that are perfectly matched.

Available at Dorothy Perkins, Sammydress, iclothing , Grushiestyle & Polyvore

Kente prints

The African-themed print is one of the trendiest pieces of attire you can every wear if you’re lady and especially if you are attracted to bright colours. Whether it’s a swimsuit, straight dress, handbag or hat, the kente fits perfectly.

  • Shoes


Shoes available at Etsy, Tiffantasy, Ohema Ohene, Creative Afrika

  • Swimsuits


Swimsuits are available at Kamdora, Crown Rose

  • Handbags


Handbags available at Mammaw, Overstock, Effe and Co. & Etsy

  • Skirt and Blouse

Kente skirt and Blouse available at Etsy


Graphic/Abstract prints

Abstract prints are a combination of bold and predominantly random motifs that are unique in a sense that they depict a sense of creativity and simplicity. 

Available at, Tastenatic & matchesfashion