Bay Roc

Model 1/Makeup/Hair: SaCoya Jackson Photographer: Kevon Richardson Model 2/Makeup: Jenny Noel Hair: Ezra Ferguson Photographer: Kevon Richardson Designer Darryll Bess - The 29-year-old fashion designer from the Cane Garden Bay area of Tortola, British Virgin Islands describes himself as not much of a talker. “I love a good

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Akeem Stanley

BVI’s GOT TALENT Photographer: Khari Adams Model: Olivia M Fonseca MUA: Akinola Skelton Designer: Akeem Stanley Blue Dress: Being from the Caribbean where the beaches are infinite, I like the idea of having an effortless beachy look. Flared Floral Skirt: this look is multi-functional - the cancan underneath can be

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NYFW Mens Kane-Sanchez

By R. Anthony Morrison Mexican born designer, Barbara Sanchez-Kane was born in Mexican born fashion designer. Has a background that includes science as well as fashion design. She earned her degree in fashion design from Polimoda in Florence. She also obtained a degree in industrial engineering. Barbara graduated in 2015, and landed an internship with German designer Bernhard Wilhelm.

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Summer Sizzle BVI 2014 Global Glamour Runway Show

Was out of this world. In its 7th year Summer Sizzle attracts respected international designers such as Cesar Galindo and Eduardo de las Casas. Producer and Native Virgin Islander, Terry Donovan was highly praised for bringing the event to yet another level. Celebrity guests included Kenny Burns, Claire Sulmers, and Oscar Nominated Actress Taraji

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POSH Fitness

By Tessa Johnson Keeping fit can be a challenge. Put your body into high gear with these cool gadgets and accessories. Stay on Track - The Fitbit Flex keeps you on track. This nifty pick can sync your fitness stats wirelessly to your smartphone and it’s also water resistant.

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PLY Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2016

This season we were inspired by Diana Vreeland, Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar. The way she took what you/we/Industry considered flaws and made it your greatest asset. We worked with slightly flared shapes to call attention to your hips, and the curves of our women. Ruffled necklines and sleeves with ruffle treatments going up and down leading your

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HIHO collection

We love that every HIHO collection is designed in their mountaintop studio overlooking Tortola’s North Shore, however this collection was also inspired by the designers travels throughout the Caribbean. It’s easy-going Caribbean lifestyle featuring soft cottons, crisp linen and island-weight sweaters. Perfect for vacation time or a day around town.

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Fashion Trinidad

Photographed by Terrance the Artist of Trinidad & Tobago Richard Noel RNResort | RNFormal -Made in Trinidad, inspired by the natural tropical beauties of the Caribbean. Facebook: @info.richardnoel Instagram: @rn.richardnoel Twitter: @RN_RichardNoel Gmail:   Kambe Lovelace 2017 Resort Collection Instagram: @kambelovelace Gmail:   Ja’naye Duke There’s

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African Inspiration in the Caribbean Fashion Industry

By Jackie Edwards   The Caribbean fashion industry had a slow start in terms of global recognition but is fast becoming more popular all over the world. As with all countries and regions, the various influences on Caribbean clothing are distinctive and have significantly aided in shaping the fashion that is most closely

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MerchCarnival Editorial

MerchCarnival – an online marketplace for all things Caribbean   Beginning the entrepreneurial journey can be one of the most frightening, yet fulfilling things that an individual can take on.  Going ‘all in’ on your talents, your ideas, and your drive can be very daunting.  Ashleé Douglas, owner of MerchCarnival, happened upon her entrepreneurial

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