LeGendre handbags

In a city near you, there is a bold woman – she loves upbeat music, spicy food and being herself. She studies hard, works hard, and plays hard, but when she plays, she does it fashionably. She always had a problem with other fashionistas owning the same handbag she did. She tried searching for

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by Esther Lussan@islandbags What part of Barbados are you from?I'm from St. Philip, affectionally referred to in Barbados as "St. FARlip" as our parish is a bit out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the South and West coasts.How did you come up with the concept for your brand "island bags"? I wanted to

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Cee Wee Designs

Models:(3) Valene Craig, (1) Bretney Romeo MUA: Jodi Balfour Photos: Melvern Isaac Cherie Warner-Richard Creative Director Cee Wee Designs

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Discover a Fresh New Glow

Let It Glow, Let It Glow…Summer is here and my clients can’t wait for it to get here. I’m sure you’re ready for that effortless dewy skin; so how do you achieve that brilliant summer glow you ask? A highlighter…Highlighters help to give the skin a luminous finish and can be purchased in different

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New Summer Scents

One of my favorite accessories after getting dressed whether it’s for a casual event or a special occasion is a beautiful, seductive bottle of parfum. Each perfume I select has a story of how I am feeling at the very moment. Some days, I feel pretty, sexy, flirty, fancy or just fun and romantic. Not

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