NYFW SS2017 : POSH backstage

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


One of the interesting aspects of New York Fashion Week is the preparation for the show itself. This season we are giving you another look behind the scenes at NYFW. As early as 5am work begins for the first shows of the day that are scheduled to start at 9am. Models begin arriving backstage for hair and makeup at 6am. The backstage opens to the press at 7am. While they basically function the same, each backstage set up has it's own pace and order. If you're back there it can seem chaotic. Hair & makeup artists, photographers , manicurists, video techs, and media are all doing their assigned tasks. The backstage tents are set up as rectangles so the space between stations can be a bit narrow in the mid section.With all these people including models moving between stations there is definately a lot going on.

One model maybe sitting in a chair while a lone manicurist does her nails. At another station a model sits in a chair surrounded by stylists, each with a section of her hair. While this is going on photographers are snapping pictures and video is being shot of the styling process. Two stations over you may see a tutorial of a new product and hear an explanation for inspiration behind the look for the show. All this is going on by 7:30am and will pretty much continue until the models are called for rehearsal. There isn't much for the models to do while there are in the chair. They check email, post to social media or chat with friends. It is early in the morning so when not at a station models take time to eat, or have some water or juice. Forget what you heard about models starving themselves; there is plenty of food backstage for the models and crew. The professionals that work backstage are to be commended for what they do. It's an intense atmosphere that also allows room for fun. There are laughs, models and stylists taking selfies or just joking around. Before you know it the call for models to get ready for rehearsal. Here is our backstage pictorial.

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