By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Once again we take you backstage for a look behind the scenes. Two hours before the show, the hair and makeup teams are set up and at work getting models ready for the show. It is at times a hectic busy environment, everybody is moving and everyone is trying to get their job done. This season we spent time with Son Jung Wan, Domingo Zapata, and Irina Vitjaz. We really can't say enough about the dedicated professionals that are responsible for helping to bring the designers inspiration alive.  You'll see many of the top names represented backstage; Revlon, Aveda, MAC etc.

As models arrive they move from station to station during the two hour period before the show. The models are having their makeup done, hair, and nails worked on at the same time. While all this is going on photographers are snapping pictures, fashion networks are conducting video interviews, and models are moving throughout the backstage area.  It takes a lot of focus and attention, it's usually a tight space, staying out of the way isn't easy. The models sit in the calm eye of the storm, they check Facebook, tweet, check email or take bites of food when they can. There is always food backstage and yes models do eat. This is especially true the day of a show when you have an 8am call time, arriving on time is crucial. Wanna do hair & makeup at New York Fashion Week? Know your craft, and learn to work in the midst of chaos.

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