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A Beauty Beginner's Best Friend Good For You Girls All Natural and Organic Skin Care Starter Kit is a Must-Have for Teens and Tweens!

Good For You Girlsis a parent's dream come true when it comes to educating their tweens and teens about skin care. Their line of all natural skin care products use pure organic ingredients to promote healthy habits from the get-go. Beauty isn't skin deep, but for girls between the crucial growth ages of 9 and 14 it often seems like that's not the case. In today's modern society girls are experimenting with cosmetics and facial products at an earlier age than ever before. Give them the tools for safe skin care with the Good For You Girlsproduct line.
Now is the time for mothers and daughters to build a beauty bond together and lay the foundation for healthy habits they can look to in the future. Don't just grab any face wash and lotion off the shelf. With the Good For You Girls All Natural and Organic Skin CareStarter Kit moms are getting their daughters an entire care system without toxic or questionable ingredients. All their products are formulated to specifically nurture and protect young skin, and have the extra goodness of being vegan. They are also gluten free, and of course cruelty free, a refreshing regiment begins with their enriching Gel Cleanser.

This soap free face wash is enriched with organic chamomile, antioxidant rich green tea, and vitamin E to gently remove daily dirt and excess oils that build on the skin. Its rich lather penetrates pores without stripping or over drying. The Purifying Toner is an alcohol free solution to balance the skin's delicate pH balance. It pairs witch hazel's natural astringent and antibacterial properties with soothing and cool organic Aloe Vera gel and antimicrobial extracts that clean deeply and leave the face visibly rejuvenated. Finish up with their nourishing cream moisturizer that is delicate enough for sensitive skin. It effectively maintains a healthy moisture balance without clogging pores or leaving a sheen behind. Infused with vital extracts, vitamins,  antioxidants, it works to protect skin from free radical damage and inflammation. 

 Good For You Girlswas the first company of its kind to offer the beauty beginner an all natural and organic line of skin care products. All of their facial cleansers and moisturizers are free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes, and irritants and instead contain essential oilsand ingredients that are beneficial and safe for all skin types. Since 2008 they have been providing parents a safe system to empower their girls and establish a lifetime of good habits. They have earned numerous awards including the 2010 Best of Business Award, Healthy Child Healthy World Inspiration Award, and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award.

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