Brightening up Winter with Tangerine Lips

By :- Janette Brin

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Photo by Sean Peragine


Do dreary days and bone chilling nights frighten you? Old man winter may around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some fire to the season by lighting things up. Everyone is going darker with oxblood and merlot, but a juicy, mouthwatering hue, like orange, doesn’t have to be reserved just for the steamy, summer season. This sizzling must-have can still transition to icy winter months, if worn correctly. Not only could ladies have full control on how intense they wish to go with the application, but a bold tangerine lip can add much-needed color to any sleek, dark ensemble worn day or night. To rock neon like a pro, we’ve spoke with several experts to get their favorite tips from the runways. Kiss those seasonal blues buh bye and go bold.

Keep Things Minimal: If you’re daring to go bold, make sure the rest of your overall look is au natural. Nothing looks worse than using a pretty face as a canvas to apply every single product you own. The key to wearing any neon lipstick shade is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. “Avoid bright eyeshadows and apply a neutral-toned blush with a light hand,” explains Anne Mayo, a TV and film makeup artist who has been involved with the Miss Universe Pageant. “For darker skin tones, use a bold tangerine lip color that has blue undertones, as this makes the color stand out against tanner skin. Prolong staying power by filling your lips with a lip liner before applying the lipstick. Blot with tissue, then apply another layer to get the desired color. If you make a mistake, use a lip brush and a dab of concealer to clean up the edges and prevent bleeding.” Finish your look with mascara or a touch of pencil eyeliner to soften the face and you’re set to paint the town orange!

Always Prep Correctly: Some may be weary of rocking a tangerine shade because, unlike a rich crimson, this golden hue can actually make teeth look yellow if worn the wrong way. First, make sure your smile is always pearly white with proper brushing and flossing daily. If you’re not ready to fully commit to a lipstick, consider opting for a hint of color with a subtle tinted balm. Make sure it keeps your pucker pillowy soft with a nourishing ingredient, like vitamin E. Before applying, remove dead skin by scrubbing your lips gently with a sugar scrub that can be prepared at home with sugar, almond, jojoba, coconut or olive oil. This yummy, affordable scrub will also prevent unwanted flakes on your lips.

Take Control: What makes this brilliant, juicy shade so popular in runways every year is its ability to make a big statement with little effort. So even if you are a shy wallflower, you can still unleash your social butterfly with the right lipstick that enhances your skin and personality. Makeup artist J. Guerra, who has worked behind the scenes at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, believes it all starts with exploring to make your pout perfect. “For a pop of color, choose a rich orange shade of lipstick with more coverage,” he explains. “Most matte lipsticks have fuller coverage, which means you will not see the lip underneath. This will make the color stand out the most, blocking any pigmentation of your lip. If you want to tone down this look, add a sheer gold or pink gloss, which will slightly enhance the color and will ‘melt’ down some of the coverage.” In the end, YOU get to decide how to truly light up your face.

Be Pretty in Pink (Coral, That Is): To sweeten up your couture with a hint of clementine, consider a soft pinky coral, which will give the illusion of a having a bigger, juicier pout. Match it with a heavy mascara application for doll lashes and a swipe of liquid black eyeliner for the highly coveted cat-eyes, transforming you into a sizzling hot bombshell. This retro look never goes out of style and best of all, it doesn’t require the stress of constantly reapplying lipstick, like one would expect with classic red. To avoid lipstick from getting on your teeth, which is a look that’s NEVER in, use the popular finger-in-mouth trick favored by supermodels before strutting on the catwalk. Put your index finger in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it. Keeping your mouth close, slowly slide your finger out. This will remove any excess product that may be sneaking around the inner center of your lips.

Skip the Usual Tubes: Don’t like the feel of heavy lipstick or goopy gloss? Go for a soft stain, which will wash your lips with a hint of color without excess shine. “Tangerine is one of my favorite color trends in recent years,” says Liz Washer, whose makeup expertise has appeared in Essence. “It just looks so juicy and fresh, and there’s a shade for every skin tone. But if you’re not quite up for a bright orange or tangerine, try poppy or coral. You can also soften a bright lip look by patting lipstick on your lips with your ring finger, achieving a softer stain effect, or use a semi sheer gloss in the same color family.”


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