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In 2001 recording artist Samantha Mumba wore a dress designed by UK designer Romero Bryan, he was 15 at the time. From there his career as a fashion designer kicked into high gear. A few years later he was dressing stars like; Destiny's Child, The Honeyz, Usher and Tweet,  Cameron Diaz, and Beyonce Knowles. he accomplished all of this before he was 21 years. old. Romero graduated from the London College of Fashion in late 2005, and soon moved to New York to test the market for his designs. That is the short version of whirlwind journey that swept this young designer into the celebrity fashion spotlight. Even though he is based in London he continues to maintain a presence in the States and is still very much in demand among his celebrity clientele. This season Romero returned to New York Couture Fashion Week with a collection that embodies his unique vision, and that timeless quality he so loves. ,

POSH : Romero, you started designing at young age, how did you get started?

RB : I started designing at the age of 12 years old, I got my breakthrough at the age of 15 when an artist by the name of Samantha Mumba wore my dress to the Brit awards in 2001.

POSH : How would you describe your work

RB : I like designing timeless, high end, high  quality garments that are not only for the season but for life.

POSH : How many times have you shown at New York Couture Fashion Week?

RB : This is my second time showing at New York Couture Fashion Week, I showed last season as well.

POSH : I hear you have roots in the Caribbean, tells us where exactly?

RB : My background is Jamaican, but I'm based in London. I do get to go over to Jamaica and do Caribbean Fashion Week so I'm very in touch with my Caribbean roots.

POSH : Do you show at London Fashion Week?

RB : I used to do it but I find that my work is admired a lot by American celebrities, So I felt that what I should do is capitalize on that interest and bring my line here.

POSH : Who are some of the celebrities that have been drawn to your designs?

RB : Cameron Diaz, Kelly Rowland, Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian, Mariah Carey, and Usher. 

POSH : What's next for you now that you've wrapped up New York Couture Fashion Week?

RB : Well as of this month my line is being carried in the Hollywood Showroom in Beverly Hills. So fingers crossed that people are coming in and they're liking my stuff.

Visit Romero's website to view his collections in entirety,


Photo credit : Roy Anthony Morrison/Photosoul Media

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