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Like many of you, I want to know more about Reggae artist ETANA. Her captivating voice has won her the Female Vocalist of the Year 2007-2009 and Most Admired Female Artist Reggae singer/songwriter. But not many of her fans know much more, so put on her "STRONG ONE" album /cd on and lay back and read a fun beauty article on Jamaica's hottest Reggae artist.

Brandy:The texture of your hair?

Etana:The texture of my hair is very soft and natural.

Brandy:How do you style your hair?

Etana:It’s easy to style my hair.  Just brush it up and braid the locks in the back in an up-braid and leave the top half free.

Brandy: What is your favorite way to wear your hair?

Etana: Just as I have it in my recent pictures.

Brandy: Do you have any favorite hair care product?

Etana: Yes...Aloe is my favorite hair product.  I think it makes my hair strong and it stops breakage.

Brandy:I noticed that you do not wear hair extensions and that is rare in the music industry. Do you ever work with extensions?

Etana:No need to wear extensions.

Brandy: Can you tell me why you choose to wear your natural hair?

Etana:I love my own hair.

Brandy:Do you like to experiment with your hair?

Etana:Sometimes I experiment by braiding the front or twits but that is about it.

Brandy:What has been the most challenging thing about being on the road; not having a hair stylist or not having a makeup artist?

Etana:There is no challenge without a hair stylist and or a makeup artist cause I like to do my hair and makeup on my own.

Brandy:Any hair horror stories?

Etana:No horror stories only of my friends... her ponytail fell off at a bus stop.  I was rolling …still laughing now when I remember it. [laughing]

Brandy:Your skin is flawless, what is your daily skin regimen?

Etana: Clean and clear or jencare products from Jamaica.

Brandy:Have you always had great skin?

Etana:No, sometimes I break out especially when eat a lot of sweets and not enough water.  That is always the magic.  Water.

Brandy:When did you start wearing makeup?

Etana:I started wearing makeup when I used to sneak into night clubs during my high school years in Florida.

Brandy: What is your must-have makeup item?

Etana: Mac nw45 or n6 and my lip gloss.

Brandy: Finish this sentence, When lounging around at home….

Etana:When lounging around at home I read a lot or think about everything I have to do the next day or all I have done the day before.

Brandy:Finish this sentence, my fashion sense…

Etana:Comfortable and modest.  

Brandy:Do you have a favorite past time when you’re not singing and performing?

Etana:Spending time with my son.... talking about life in general, things he's going through and lessons I have learnt.

Brandy:When you’re performing do you have a glam squad? 

Etana: No, I don't have a glam squad really, maybe my glam squad would be my fans... they are all fab!

Brandy:How do you define your beauty?

Etana:My beauty comes from within.  Like an African Queen.

Brandy:How would you describe your personal style in comparison to other Caribbean female artist?

Etana:I never compare myself or style to anyone.  To each his or her own.  

Brandy:What do you think is the true definition of beauty?

Etana:Appreciating one’s self for who you are in the natural state.

Brandy:Of all the songs you have recorded what’s your favorite?

Etana: That is very hard to say because each song has a meaning and a reason it was written.  They are all my babies.  "Wrong Address, Roots, I'm not Afraid, Live and Love Life, Blessings"... etc.  (smiles)

Brandy:Any artists you would like to collaborate with, male or female?

Etana: I would love to work with Robin Thicke or Ne-yo one day.  Kanye West Maybe.

Brandy:Thank you very much for your time and consideration as well. 

Live and love life.  Bless!-ETANA

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