Kia Vonvega : Life of the Party

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

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Kia Vonvega's garments are a hit with women who love night life. Her designs have been described as energetic and decadent. Gold colored mini dresses and bright form fitting designs provide a wide selection of fun party wear.The designer was born in Trinidad and was inspired to create by her grandfather. Her grandfather was the first black male to turn into production a pair of jeans in the island country of Trinidad. She began to design after his passing drawing on the lessons she had learned from him.

She's worked hard to build her brand, and she's done a superb job at it. One indicator of that is the many celebrities you wearing the Clear boutique garments while out club hopping. There was also her show during New York Fashion Week in September 2014.

On Saturday December 6, 2014 we joined Kia at Salon de Lafayette in Soho. The elegant venue was the host for an exclusive commercial release party. During the event the comercial for the new Vonvega line was screened for guest. Vonvega designs were available for purchase at the event as well. It was a fun night of cocktails, and hors d' oeuves. We even managed to have a chat with the designer herself, Ms. Kia Vonvega.

P : Hello, lets start by having you introduce yourself to our readers.
KV : Well my name is Kia Vonvega, and I'm originally from Trinidad Port of Spain. I spend most of my time in the U.S. but I go home sometimes.
P : How long have you been designing?
KV : I started designing in 2006, after my grandfather passed away.
P : Did designing play a role in helping you cope with the loss of your grandfather?
KV : He was the main soul in my design, we're island people and we love color.
When he was alive I didn't want to do it. After he passed away that's when I decided to do it
P : So when it comes to designing what do you like to do the most?
KV : I like sexy, flashy, like you're the party. When you walk in the place you gonna be the show stopper 
P : How would you describe the Vonvega woman?
KV : A lady that's confident, sexy, and feels very good about herself. One that doesn't worry about what the
next person might think about them.
P : Where have you been showing your collections in the U.S.
KV : I've shown in New York, Miami, you can check me at You can purchase my designs online, and I also ship world wide.
P : What was the inspiration for this new collection ?
KV : I was feeling very sexy, and lingerie-ish  so the majority of the designs are towards a lingerie feel.
P : What kind of response do you tend to get most often to your designs?
KV : Just that my line is very sexy. A lot of people design sexy, but I'm a little more on the "ratchet" side they say. I like to be flamboyant, and I like to be in your face with my fashions. 
Images of Vonvega designs/ NYFW; courtesy of NYC Fashion Runway
Party images :Photosoul Media 2014
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