MBFW 2015 Backstage with Desigual

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion & Style


One of the most colorful at fun shows to take place at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is the collection presented by Spanish fashion brand Desigual. If you have seen their runway show you can tell the models have a fun time walking the runway for the brand. The Desigual "happy model" atmosphere begins backstage where it seems a 100 things are happening at once. That's what it's like backstage , it's extremely busy. at least four hours before the show models arrive for hair & makeup. When they arrive they have some time to get settled and eat (yes models do eat) then it begins. The working area is rectangular so there is not a lot of room once everyone starts to work. The models sit at the stations as the team works on hair, makeup & nails. Sometimes these things are taking place all at once. Wait, there's more, there are also a good number of photographers hovering around the models taking paictures. Video crews are documenting product tutorials, and interviewing models and members of the hair and makeup teams.

While all this is going on, the production team makes the final runway preparations and they get ready for the run through rehearsal. The models make sure they are hitting the right mark on the runway, and the photographers get a chance to test the lighting conditions. Being backstage is an advantage to photogrraphers because it enables them to beat the crowd. They have an opportunity to  find a choice spot on the media riser, l at the front of the runway.Creating much of the buzz backstage was the face of Desigual Canadian model Winnie Harlow. The challenge for media in this environment is to do their jobs, while staying out of the way of other people attempting to do theirs.

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