MBFW F2014 : Backstage with Zang Toi

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion & Style

Most of the collections shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion week last about 15 - 20 minutes. A lot of work goes into making the presentation seem effortless. Arrive backstage two to three hours before the show and you'll get a more complete picture. POSH was granted backstage access to the Zang Toi show two hours before showtime. The show was scheduled for 7pm on the 12th of February. At 5pm things are fairly busy backstage, there are a lot of people set up in an area that really isn't all that big. I estimate at least 50 people in and around the backstage area at any given time. Make up, hair, and manicure stations line both sides of the tent wall. There are photographers, hair and make up people, and assistants all busy with their various tasks.

While there is a buzz of excitement and electricity in the air, no one seems stressed. People are chatting, some models are checking email etc. on their phones while hair and make up are attended to. In the midst of it all is designer Zang Toi happily chatting away to the person interviewing him about the new collection. After the interview, Zang is totally calm as he walks around greeting models and make up artists etc. Swirling around him his staff is  constantly checking the schedule, and making sure that everything is on track. It's all happening at once backstage and as the models get closer to the last rehearsal you can feel the anticipation building. It's also a chance for everyone to relax a bit before everything comes together for the big show.


Photos : Roy Anthony Morrison

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