By :- R. Anthony Morrison

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At 3pm on Monday afternoon February 12, guests eagerly await the start of the Betsey Johnson runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Inside the tent it's a madhouse, it seems like every space in the tent will be filled as people determined to see the show continue to stream in. This season saw changes to Mercedes Fashion Week, and some designers choosing not to show at the tents. Betsey's fans are more than happy that she has chosen to stay.  HOT HOT HOT! was the theme for this collection and she didn't disspoint.

Betsey's F2014 collection was bright, young, and fun. The brilliant red dress just screamed party. She sent down candy striped knee socks, and pink leopard print bags with matching lace-ups her fanbase is sure to want. These clothes are not for a quiet night out at all.  Just like her runway shows, Betsey's clothes are a good time. Betsey kicked off her finale with shirtless firemen delivering air blown paper flames. The finale featured a parade of models carrying red heart shaped balloons. If you've been to a Betsey Johnson runway show you know it ain't over til the lady cartwheels down the runway.



Photos : Roy Anthony Morrison

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