MBFW F2014 Street Style : "Nobody supposed to look like me"

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion & Style

If you are in New York during fashion week you might have spotted a colorfully stylish gent strutting his stuff. His style is as bold and confident as any of the fashionistas lingering in the good light. As of late he seems to be on his way to becoming an internet sensation as more images of him pop up on the net from street style photographers. It's not hard to miss the "Old School" flavor of his style that hints of the dapper sharpness of the Caribbean culture. We thought it was about time we had a chat with this gentleman and get his take on fashion and style.

P: Tell us a little about yourself sir

AG: My name is Arthur Gonsalvs, I'm from Antigua

P: How do you describe your personal style?

AG: Well I'm a unique dresser you know, I'm a top line boy.

P: How do you decide what fits your style?

AG: I just see something I like and I match it up different, nobody supposed to look like me.

Photos : Roy Anthony Morrison

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