MBFW S/S 2012 celebrity gallery

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is about the collections and the celebrities that come to be seen supporting their favorite designers. Celebrity spotting at MBFW is about being alert. There is so much going on at any given time that it is easy to miss catching even a glimpse of your favorite stars. For the photographers it means paying attention to the crowd of cameras over in a far corner of the IMG lobby. It also means shoot first and ask questions later. Who is that, are they anybody? you'll hear photographers ask each other after the shooting frenzy is over, in this age of reality tv stars there are unrecognizable famous persons at almost every turn. There are of course paparazzi who have no interest in shooting the collections, their only concern is getting a shot of Beyonce as she is hustled into the Vera Wang show.

Once the show is done photographers sprint out of the tents to get to the next show and possibly get a shot of a celeb as they leave, unless they are quickly escorted out a back exit like the Olsen twins were. Even if they are trying to make a quick exit, the celebs are there to be seen and photographed. After all this is fashion week and being a part of the grand event is what it's all about, here's a look at the Posh celeb sightings.

Beyonce - Vera Wang Show

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