Petite Parade: Kids Fashion Week 2015

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion & Style

Petite Parade 2015 took place on February 28, on the heels of NYFW and is devoted to designers of children's fashion. Founded in 2010, Petite Parade continues to serve as a showcase for fashion targeted to toddlers and teens.The brands featured this season were Anais & I., Dillonger Clothing, IMOGA, Little Miss Galia, Aria, Biscotti, Kate Mack, and Bonnie Young. There is a huge cuteness factor at these shows as the crowd delighted to see toddlers doing their best catwalk struts and poses. It is not hard to imagine that some of these little superstars are tomorrow's supermodels.

The designs ranged from casual to dressy but of course rendered in fun styles, and bright colors and prints. Dollinger Clothing brought plenty of coolness with their sporty jackets mixed with jeans and the occasional tie. Bonnie Young's interpretation of an Asian influence added a touch of elegance that kept the fun factor going. There were lots of tailored looks for kids and teens, and a touch of metallic gold fabric in some of the skirts. Taking it all in from the front row was ANTM's  J. Alexander who was there to check out the skills of these future top models.

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