By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion shows

The Salif Keita Global foundation Charity Fundraiser for International Albinism Awareness Day took place on June 13th at Beautique lounge in Manhattan. The foundation seeks to raise awareness, and advocacy in response to the violent attacks and murder of persons with albinism across Africa. It is their mission to bring supporters together to raise funds that directly support the Salif Keita Global Foundation. The foundation provides free healthcare, educational services, and international advocacy for the fair treatment of persons affected by this genetic condition. Note supermodel Diandra Forrest who continues to use her platform to advocate for the access to healthcare and protection for other albinos across the continent.
The event featured a muslin fashion presentation by designer Vaughn Terry who designed for Prince's Purple Rain. The event also featured DJ Stiletto, and a  vocal performance by Mem Nahadr. The event was hosted by supermodel Diandra Forrest in partnership with Barbara Sam productions.  All proceeds benefit the Salif Keita Global Foundation.
The Salif Keita Global Foundation develops media campaigns that positively portray those with albinism, creates programs to raise their self-esteem, provides information, and support groups, connects them with organizations, provides job training, and legal assistance for those in danger of persecution and healthcare services. The organization is dedicated to ending the persecution and genocide against persons with albinism.
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photo credit: Roy Anthony Morrison
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