Fashion Envie's Oxo Monochrome

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion shows

The sustainable fashion movement in the fashion design industry continues  to grow. The goal is to safe guard the environment in the face of growing concern.  Beau Monde Society, and Fashion Envie one again presented their show case for designers who are a part of this mission. This year the Beau Monde Society presented their fourth  annual Fashion Envie fashion showcase on April 22-23, 2016. Titled Oxo Monohrome the show was comprised of five designers who presented collections at the Caelum Gallery in Mahattan.

Beau Monde Society was founded in 2012 by Nigerian born Jennier Nnamani. BMS is described by Ms. Nnamani as a "fashion-driven agency specializing in services tailored to fit our clients." The mission of BMS is to create a more fashionable, and ethically minded society. In 2013 Fashion Envie started as an annual eco collective presentation that would feature ethical designers and artists. Since that time it has continued to provide a platform for a sustainable future for fashion. The featured designers this year were;  Eauseenon, Fancy Muffin, Kahkti, Marielle Ejiama, and Nyorah Agwe.

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