By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Fashion shows

The presentations during Mens fashion week featured an interesting array of themes and fabrics. With no centralized location, checking out the various collections is a bit like club hopping. there is a show, and an after party here, a presentation there. Most of the collections we attended were held at the Clarkson Skylight venues on the West side. Among the collections we saw were: Ruan Larose , Christopher Lowman, Palmiers du Mal, Death To Tennis, We also checked out some collections held a the Dune Studios in Manhattan for New York.12 emerging designers presented collections on the first day of  New York Fashion Week Mens. New York Mens Day provides a platform for emerging designers  Some of the designers featured at Dune Studios included: Maiden Noir, Heliot Emil, Descendant of Theives, R.Swaider
In some collections the palette was colorful though subdued. There were bright yet soft shades of yellows, and orange the reminded you more of ice cream. There were shorts as well. Some of them paired with jackets and shirts. White shorts, shirts, and pants accented some of the darker hued pieces in the collections.  Other designers brought darker hues of blues that evoked a kind of granite effect. We also saw collections that featured bold tropical prints from Palmiers who seemed to delight in combing floral, and animal prints. From the crisp sporty designs of Christopher Lowman to the enigmatic elegance of Ruan LaRose, this season's presentations was an interesting look at the direction of menswear in the ever changing fashion industry.
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