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Tristan Walker  founded Walker & Company in 2013. The company's first brand is Bevel features shaving products for Black men. Shaving, razors, blades including replacement cartridges represent a huge market. It is market that is worth approximately $2 billion. In general black men have found that the standard products offered by Gillette, Schick and other companies didn't always meet their needs. One of the shaving related skin issues many black men struggle with is 'razor bumps." The average razor cuts hair beneath the skin and can cause curly hair to grow back into the skin causing razor bumps. It is estimated that this problem affects about 80% of the black community.

Bevel was born out of Walker's own needs. He also went through his own struggles with razor bumps, acne, and sensitive skin. Unable to find products that dealt with his specific skin and shaving issues he decided to launch his company. Walker & Company committed to providing people of color a wider variety of quality health, and beauty products. Bevel offers high end shaving kits for black men. Bevel promises a shave that has a barber shop feel without the razor bumps.True to his mission, Bevel products are made specifically for coarse, curly hair like his and most Black men. Bevel would like to make health and beauty simple for people of color. Their goal is to  continue to develop, and test products specifically tailored to the needs of their customers.

Walker & Company has also been mindful of the environmental impact of the industry. They have taken steps to minimize the company's Eco-footprint. The  Bevel Razor is environmentally friendly, and weighted with solid brass. it was engineered to last generations,  and the Bevel Razor is free of plastic. The Bevel requires no replacements cartridge to buy or pitch.  Bevel promises their users will never need to buy another razor again. Bevel razor blades are housed in boxes that include a compartment for used blades.This allows them to be safely recycled. All Bevel packaging is made of recyclable material.

Bevel offers refreshment shipments directly to their customers' doors.This is done in 90-day cycles rather than weekly or monthly. This cuts down on both packaging and transport gas & emissions. The potential benefit to the environment over time is enormous. This stands in stark contrast to the environmental impact of  disposable plastic razors and cartridges. The U.S. EPA estimates that approximately two billion disposable razors are tossed out each year. None of these two billion disposable razors are recycled.
It was recently reported that Tristan Walker turned down a half Billion dollar buy-out. The  offer came from Schick, Gillette, and Procter & Gamble. This caused quite a bit of speculation on social media. After all who turns down 500 million bucks? Tristan Walker that's who.  Walker & Co. recently secured funding from some high-profile investors including Earvin “Magic” Johnson. The company also signed a  deal with Target to sell its razor product, Bevel, at select Target stores in the United States,and online. Who knows if Walker will ever sell Bevel? Of one thing we can be sure, the next offer will be higher than half a billion dollars. keep up the nice work Bevel.


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