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On March 28th New York's Jacob Javit's Center hosted CURVE NEW YORK EXPO 2017. Curve is a trade event showcasing lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear brands. In addition to the U.S. based companies, there were brands from U.K., France, Columbia, and Canada. The three day event was part of a series of shows that featured accessory lines and special appearances by celebs and industry professionals. Many of the brands were boasting designs that feature the latest innovations in material technology, and style. The attention to detail and range of styles showed a commitment to addressing customer needs. The brands themselves were created out of a sensitivity to the needs of the designers of the collections. Some of the brands represented at CURVENY included; Mayana Geneviere, Beach Joy Bikini, Rougette,Dorina,Legg Story, HOM, Anita by Rosa Faia, and Tia Lyn.

Among the many different companies we met Mayana Nadine M. Woods of Mayana Geneviere. Nadine's  family is from Trinidad, she now lives in Canada where her company is based. She was excited to present her brand at CURVENY. Her mission is to tailor her designs for the transitional experience of womanhood. She has created designs in a wide range of sizes that are adaptable to any stage of body transformation. She features shape wear, and control panties that are luxurious, delicate, and durable. She has also adapted a clasp-free technology into her bra designs that addresses the needs of breastfeeding mothers. While the brands were mostly geared towards women there were a few brands offering products for men as well. French company HOM was one of the few brands representing the mens underwear industry. Wth the approach of spring I noticed many intense conversations taking place with groups and individuals represented buyers looking to acquire product.

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