Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

By :- Caribbean POSH

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NYFW, hoodie weather, and shorter days. Yes. Fall is officially on its way. Besides updating our wardrobe—we’ll get into that soon—it’s also time to update our makeup collections. We can finally break out our dark lipsticks, plum blushes, and wear foundation again! Fall beauty has always been about deep colors, warm shades, and bold hues and this year did not disappoint. I’ve rounded up 5 Fall beauty trends you’ll want to get into. Right now.


90’s Lips: I saw this trend coming and I was ready for it. 90’s lips are all about the deep browns, almost black tones with the liner to match. This is a bold look to take on but when you pair with fresh skin and simple eyes you can’t go wrong. 


Designed Nails: I’ve seen everything from over the top sparkly nails to minimal designs that looked like something out of an art gallery. Regardless the trend for sure is nails that stand out. The ones that make you do a double take. So grab your boldest shade and add a streak of color. Keep it fun and most of all creative.


Smokey Eyes: Want to take your look from day to night? Smokey eye. Want to turn up your simple makeup? Smokey eye. Want me to tell you my favorite fall trend? Smokey eye. What I really love though is, this season the smokey eye is less about perfection and all about keeping it simple. Smudging it out, using softer tones, 


Liner: Black liner is in. Whether it’s winged out into the most perfect cat eye or smudged to effortless perfection. If you’re really trying to go bold you can wear black liner along your lower lash line giving your look an added layer of definition. Just don’t over do it. Nobody likes raccoon eyes.


Red Lips: Before you get upset, hear me out. Yes, I know red lips are always in but I promise this is different. The shade range that you can rock when it comes to red lips is anything but boring. From light rose stains, to washes of ruby, to matte shades of wine, you can wear a different red every day of the week to complete a totally different look.

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