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At New York Fashion Week the average fashion show lasts about 15-20 minutes. If you are attending a show, your wait for the show to begin will be much longer than the actual show itself. Before all of that is the frenzied preparation that goes into presenting a collection to the various attendees.  Three hours before the show starts backstage opens and the models begin to get ready.

For the models hair and makeup is a time for checking email, and social media. In between sessions at the  hair and makeup stations it's also an opportunity to have breakfast or lunch. Models participate in multiple shows during the day so there isn't always time to eat before showing up for hair and makeup. Once they arrive they know that they will spend a bit of time sitting in a chair.

While there may be slight differences in the order of the process, the set up is pretty much the same for every show. There are usually about 20 stations set up in a rectangular format. Its pretty calm at first but things soon get hectic  as the hair and makeup stations get set up. Caterers arrive  with food and of course the models start showing up. Because the hair stylists usually need a bit more room to maneuver, hair is the only thing that happens at their station.

The models at the makeup stations can usually have their nails done while the makeup artists are working on them. It's a whirlwind of activity as models move between stations, and photographers hover about taking pictures. In between that some of the makeup artists and stylist can take a few minutes to discuss their work. there are always new products as well as new product lines from companies like MAC. Within that three hour window the the makeup and styling have to be done. The models also have to review the order of the looks they will be wearing and go through rehearsal. This means that the professionals working the hair and makeup stations must have a laser focus that screens out all the madness going on around them. This is what is takes to put on a fashion show that reflects and enhances the vision of the designer.

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