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During NYFW the backstage area is extremely hectic. If you are a hairstylist or makeup artist, once onsite the pace never lets up. To survive backstage during fashion week your skills have to be top notch. You have to be able to focus while your model is doing a video interview and there are numerous photographers buzzing around from every direction and angle. Still you must be fast, you must be focus, and you must not make mistakes. Other than all that, backstage can be a total blast,usually the models are simultaneously getting their hair styled and their nails done. So during that time they check email, social media and eat. Yes, there is food back stage, and I have personally seen models eating it. This season we decided to give you a bit more insight into the products and methods used by the hair and makeup artists at NYFW. We managed to have a chat with a few of the skilled professionals helping the models look their best on the runway.


P - Hello Gordon, lets start with where you are from originally.

G- I'm originally from Trinidad but I haven't lived there since 1975, I go home a lot though.

P - So let's talk about makeup backstage. Do you get to try out new products, what is the theme this season?

G - I work for MAC so there's always new products. We try out new stuff backstage all the time, just to make sure it serves our purpose. The make up this time around is a little bit stronger than the past seasons. I'm still staying with the same theme that I do with Desigual. The make up is not about me, it's about the girls face. The idea is that every girl looks like herself at her best. We've added a couple of strong elements this time so there is strong lip. Every girls lip is going to look like her lip, not with a hard outline, we're not trying to reshape her lips. For the eyes there is a strong black line that is following her natural eye shape, we're not trying to redirect it or correct it.

P- How do you go about creating a balance between the strong elements and the natural lines of the face?

G - Even though we have these strong elements I want to keep the makeup a little bit naive. It's a little bit  like a girl who likes to wear makeup but doesn't really know how to do it perfectly but this always works out for her

P - Desigual is known for it's fun shows where the models tend to have a lot of fun on the runway, how does that factor into the makeup?

G - It's important to make a makeup that can smile, so it's not a stone faced makeup. So I like to use radiant skin, and a bit of cheek color, things that are associated with smiling makeup



P - Hi Michelle, tell us about what you do, and the products being used today for the show

M - I'm a Rep for Design Essentials this is our second season with Harlem Fashion Row for NYFW.

We have a new line called Coconut Monoi it's our natural line it's for natural hair. We have a product called Curl Defining Gelee. Thre is also a  Coconut Monoi Water Curl Enhancer, and an oil mist for Coconut Minoi. We also have a product called Silk Essentials which is a great product for damaged hair. It conditions it, and smooths it out. we also have a contour gel which is being used today for the show. We have  formation finishing spritz  which ia  a hold but it brushes out really soft and gives a beautiful shine. There is a leave- in conditioner which is a bamboo and silk conditioner and this is great for blow drying or heat styling the hair. Another product is; Formations Professional Holding Spray which is not a hard hold it doesn't flake up. It gives the hair a great shine, then we have our Wrap Mousee which is excellent for wedge styling shaping sculpting.  All of our products have conditioning agents in them. Our products give a lot of body, and shine. None of our products flake up which is an awesome thing. We are distributed all over,and our home base is in Atlanta. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary. In addition to the United States we are in the U.K., the Caribbean, and South Africa. Our products can be ordered online as well.



I'm T. Cooper I'm from Jamaica, and I'm the lead hair stylist for Marrakesh at Art Hearts Fashion during NYFW. One of the products I.m using is the Bounce Volumizing spray by Marrakesh for some loose effortless wave on my models

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