SOLANGE X PUMA: A Sneaker Collection Celebrating Women

By :- Caribbean POSH

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Come. Through. Solange! Only a woman as fearless and bold as our girl Solange can come through with a sneaker collection paying tribute to women at a time when we need it the most—and thoroughly slay the entire thing. 


Word to the Woman, a collaboration by Solange’s influential brand Saint Heron and the iconic Puma,  serves as a campaign to celebrate women who “innovate and redefine roles in all walks of life.” Let’s go through the official run down on the Fall 2015 sneaker collection that has us all in awe.


The first release of the two part collection features 14 women (of color might I add) from various walks of life. There’s a DJ, a photographer, a poet, and even a psychiatrist. All draped in neutral tone pieces to show off the versatility and stunning contrast of the sneakers against the variety of skin tones. As if the visuals alone weren’t enough to have us sold, Solange also interviewed each of these gorgeous women as part of the campaign. Can it get any better than that?


From hues of green to shades of gray, there is a suede sneaker in this collection for every woman. Who knew you could feel so empowered through footwear? Now that’s innovation for real. Here’s a look at some of our favorite shots from the shoot. See the full collection at 

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