WOMEN'S MARCH NYC : a woman's place

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


On January 21st, 2017 a series of Women's Marches took place around the country and around the world. As simultaneous marches and protests raged on, President Donald J. Trump went about his business of making America great.
The first full day in office for President elect Daonlad J. Trump began with massive protests across the United States and around the globe. It is estimated that 60,000 people marched in Atlanta. 250,000 in Chicago, and 250,000 people in Boston. There are reports of  200,000  in Denver. Estimates of 500,000 people were in Washington, DC. In Los Angeles, the estimate is anywhere from 200,000-750,000.

In various parts of New York City the crowds were massive. All of the city's diversity was on full diplay as people united in their opposition to the new President elect. In a city that has never embraced Donald Trump, the strong level of opposition from New Yorkers is easy to understand.  In New York, the estimate ranges from 200,000-500,000. In addition, there  were  protests of 60,000 in Oakland, CA, 50,000 in Philadelphia, and 100,000 in Madison. attendance in WI was put at  20,000. In  Pittsburgh it was 20,000 . and 60,000 in St. Paul, MN. This was the largest one-day proestes in U.S. history. How the Trump administration will respond to the massive outcry from many groups around the country , and around the world remains to be seen.

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