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POSH: When did you first discover your passion for singing and songwriting?

Kelli:I always knew growing up I had a passion for music, I was always singing as a child and I had a great skill of memorizing an entire song in no time from as early as two years old, so it was only natural for me to pursue a professional career in music.

POSH: You've done work with the likes of Beenie Man and Vybez Cartel. How did those projects come about?

Kelli:Yes I’ve worked and done collabs with many amazing artistes in Jamaica, including Beenie Man, and Vybz Kartel. They've always been big supporters of my talent and my music so they reached out to me to do some projects and they came out great and the reception to those tracks have been phenomenal.

POSH: My next question was going to be ... are there plans for more of those type of collaborations? However I see you have a mix tape out
featuring Voicemail? Tell me about that...

 Kelli: Yes I’ve just recently released a track done with the amazingly talented Craig from the group Voicemail. We've known each other for years even before we both got into the industry, and we've always wanted to work together. So when I recorded this track called "Jumpin" produced by Christopher Birch I felt that it needed an artiste that could give it a certain spice, so immediately I thought of Craig. As he heard the idea of the track, he loved it and recorded it shortly after, and I love it, he really completed it and gave it a real good energy.

 POSH: Seems like you have a pretty strong fan base in Japan. Have you worked or have plans to work with any Japanese artists?

 Kelli:Yes I absolutely LOVE Japan and all my fans there, they definitely show me allot of love. I've worked with a few of the artistes there too, like Ryo Skywalker and Pushim. They are extremely talented and have a HUGE following there, so it was a pleasure working and doing shows with them.

 POSH: Who would you say is on the top of your wish list of artist to work with?

 Kelli: There are so many artistes that I would love to work with, like Diana King, Damian Marley, Sean Paul, Stephen Marley, Lady Saw and Bounty Killer, just to name a few.

 POSH: Let's get into a bit of fashion - you seem to be a fashionista and the camera loves you! How would you describe your style and who are your
favorite designers?

Kelli:I absolutely LOVE fashion and I dabble a bit as well in designing my own outfits too. My style really depends on my moods; it’s pretty much a mixture of classy/sophisticated meets street/edgy. I love designs from Guess by Marciano, House of Dereon, and Baby Phat.

 POSH: What's upcoming in 2011 for Kris Kelli?

Kelli: 2011 has been amazing so far and will continue to be. I'm looking forward to all of the amazing tracks that will be released this year and tours and performances all over the Globe. I'm also writing a book about my experiences in the music industry. It’s going to be very informative and will help to open the eyes of young aspiring artistes on the real workings of this industry, so it’s definitely going to be a "must-read" book. But other than that, to keep updated on me and my career encourage everyone to check me out on:

 Big up all my fans and supporters, NUFF LOVE right back at ya!!!! ;-)

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