By :- Janette Brin



On August 23, New Yorkers were treated to a superb performance by musical icon Chaka Khan. The concert at The Hammerstein Ballroom brought out over 1000 fans to hear the soulful artist and her remarkable voice. DJ Sting International and his powerful Thunder Sound System set the mood for the evening. By the time Chaka took to the stage the crowd was already hyped and screaming her name.

Chaka Khan is best know for her work with the group RUFUS, she has also had a slew of singles releases and is a 10 time Grammy award winner. The years have not dimmed her musical prowess one bit. Anyone who was present at the concert can attest to that. She belted out "I'm Every Woman" with the same power and vibrancy that her fans love her for. She melted hears with "Sweet Thing: and even had the audience joining in as they did with her many hits. This was indeed a concert; Chaka took the crowd on a journey down a memory lane of her hits. The audience didn't want the show to end.  After Chaka left the stage they got their wish when she came back on for an encore. It was a night to remember, and Chaka totally owned it.


Written and Photographed by Roy A. Morrison 

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