Fashion Envie's WARM BODIES 2015

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Sustainable fashion is part of a growing trend towards an Eco-focused movement in design. The fashion industry is starting to consider the environmental impact of it's products. Many designers are now using Eco-friendly materials, and manufacturing methods. This is not a fad that will fade away, it is a growing movement to safe guard the environment in the face of growing concern. Evey aspect of hhow fashion products are produced are being examined for their societal and environmental impact. it has led to a renewed interest in eco friendly materials like organic cotton. Sustainable fashion; it's a term you will be hearing more, and more as time goes on. During New York Fashion Week there are a number of shows related to the sustainable fashion movement. One of the entities involved in this movement is Beau Monde Society, and Fashion Envie.

On April 17, the Beau Monde Society presented the third annual Fashion Envie fashion showcase at the Lightbox venue in Manhattan. Beau Monde Society was founded in 2012 by Nigerian born Jennier Nnamani. BMS is described by Ms. Nnamani as a "fashion-driven agency specializing in services tailored to fit our clients." The mission of BMS is to create a more fashionable, and ethically minded society. In 2013 Fashion Envie started as an annual eco collective presentation that would feature ethical designers and artists. Since that time it has continued to provide a platform for a sustainable future for fashion.It was a great evening of fashion and posh people we even spotted Caribbean Next Top Model winner Treveen Stewart in the house.

This year the theme was of the presentation focused on climate change, and was titled ; WARM BODIES. The participating designers are based in the New York area. Among the designer line up was Beau Monde founder Jennifer Nnamani presenting her first collection under the LADY GEORGE brand. You can learn a bit more about the designers from the brief bios we have included.

Adrina Nelson

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Adrina Fanore is a caused-based apparel line specializing in casual women and menswear. Each design is produce in the U.S. and display minimalist styles and silhouettes. Focus is put into the fit, quality, and versatility of each product.

Alita Daniels

Jewelry designer, and founder of Silly Simone. Silly Simone is about being bold and unusual with just the right amount of “silly” and a whole lot of fun! The Silly Simone jewelry and brand have grown to become a hot commodity across the globe and can be seen worn in Australia, China and even Italy.

Robin Shumays

Robin Dameshe Shumays is an up-and-coming African-American fashion designer based in Long Island NY. Heavily influenced by Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern and African culture and textiles, hennaflower is a unique fusion couture line with a fun, flirty ethnic edge.

Jennifer Nnamani

The interdependent nature of fashion and art has always intrigued Jennifer Nnamani. Lady George is inspired by the strength of womanhood, and fusing comfort with geometric patterns. Inspired by her recent trip to Nigeria, she embarked on creating pieces that have become her signature look. A blend of Western interpretation on West African wax prints with a slight androgynous tailored flair true to her design name. The line is named after her grandmother. Her creative inspiration is inspired by the strength of womanhood, and fusing comfort with geometric patterns. "In true Igbo tradition, I was named after her. In Igbo it means Ada George but in loose English translation it's "Lady George."

Beau Monde Society was founded on the basic principles of fashion and the role it plays in our daily lives Fashion is not only a vehicle for self expression but an art form that celebrates our individuality. Beau Monde Society reminds us that fashion is also a vehicle for advocacy.


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designer bio info courtesy of BMS

photo credit: Roy Anthony Morrison



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