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By :- Janette Brin


Born and raised in Portmore, Jamaica- triple threat songwriter/producer/artist, Andre “GC” Fennell has never been more focused about his career. Already a six time Grammy nominated songwriter and producer, GC (GoldenChyl) has worked with such artist as Shaggy, Elephant Man, Wycelf, Chris Brown and Corey Hart. A featured artist on “Love Mi Jamaica” alongside Shaggy and Red Fox on the Calabash Riddim gives the world a taste of what is to come from GC as an artist. POSH caught up with the New York based Ranch Entertainment artist to talk about this latest project on his musical journey.

POSH - So you have been working with Shaggy and the entire Ranch family for a while now. How long has it been?

GC - I’ve been working with Shaggy since 2008 and Ranch Entertainment for 2 years now.

POSH - Can you talk a bit about your journey in the music business and perhaps how your involvement at the Ranch has helped your over all development as an artist? What are some of the things you've worked on over the years even perhaps outside of the Ranch as well?

GC - I’ve been around Shaggy for 5 years now writing with him on a few releases for him and other artist through Ranch, if I have learned anything being around him is hard work and consistency is the key to success. I have 2 albums scheduled to be release this year, one more contempory rock style mix with reggae, and a project called “17” I’m apart of as the lead vocalist more rock / alternative / hip hop / reggae fusion, so a lot going on for this year.

POSH -How old are you now? Are you like the baby at Ranch? :-)

GC - yes I am the baby of the group J

POSH - What have been some of your challenges over the years and how have they shaped you today? What has been your greatest lesson in working with veterans like Shaggy and Red Fox?

GC - Some of the lessons and challenges I have been dealing with in the industry are; these non artistic, non musically inclined music execs making decisions that’s directly affects the course of the music industry on a whole. Being around Shaggy and Red Fox has showed me that it all starts with the music and let the rest work its self out by people that believe in your craft and that have your best interest at all times, “Team work makes the Dream works.

POSH - So heard via Facebook about one of your most recent projects that involve Shaggy and Red Fox. What is that about? Shaggy, GC & Red Fox - Love Mi Jamaica - Calabash Riddim – how did it come about? And why the Calabash Riddim?

GC - “Love mi Jamaica” was done with the Jamaica’s 50th Celebration in mind, it took on a whole new life on its own and has been getting a lot of buzz, the video and riddim also features Konshens, his song on the riddim is “Couple Up” I’ve also co-wrote with Konshens. However Shaggy will be the first Riddim release for the New Year.

POSH - You've been in Jamaica recently shooting a video. How was that experience?

GC - The experience was great, we shot all around Kingston and the last shots were at Hellshire Beach, the footage came out great, a lot of hard work and long hours for a 3 minute video, have a new respect for the art of making videos and the hard work by the set crew, producers, directors etc. Directed by Jay Will and Produced by Rebecca Packer of the “Shaggy and Friends Foundation”

POSH - What is the concept of the video and what part of Jamaica was it shot in?

GC - The video is actually showcasing a few landmarks in the Jamaica, like Crosswork and Marketplace (Kingston / New Kinston) and other spots what we speak of in the song, my verse made reference to Fish and Bammy so “Screechy” would definitely be the spot to shoot that J

POSH - There has been a lot of songs about Jamaica by several different artists - what makes this one unique?

GC - Besides from the fact that it features one of the best up and coming artist (ME), Red Fox one of the leading pioneers in the business and that the top selling reggae artist of all time is on it J but seriously, Its special because we weren’t making a superficial record about Jamaica, we created a song that we felt were great things that we enjoyed and that we love about Jamaica, simple and plain. I think last year we seen a lot of people go over board talking so much about how much there song represent Jamaica but none of these artist haven’t given to Jamaica or help their community. I think that is the best way to show you love Jamaica, making a song is great but having a genuine love for the country is a great place to start, “we are about action and not a bag a mouth at Ranch Entertainment.”

POSH - Is a full album in the works?

GC -I will have a full album scheduled for release on Ranch Entertainment when the time is right, I have been doing my thing and proving myself independently so when it comes to releasing an entire body of work under the umbrella of Ranch entertainment it has to be right and it has to make sense, I don’t want it to be released just because Shaggy is my friend, “I’m a buss the place and create the demand for more GC, then release a Ranch Album”

POSH - What else is on the horizon for GC?

GC - Many projects on the horizon; I have co-written on Shaggy and Sly and Robby new album schedule for release in 2013 or 2014, my new singles coming soon on Ranch Entertainment,

New “17” project schedule for release early this year, also signed to a new management Tom Flanagan of Leo Burnnett (One of the Top add agencies in the world. My new labels and entities Navi Quadela Music Group and GCMusicGroup, I’ve also taken on the responsibilities as an A&R for Ranch Entertainment, I’ve also recently signed a joint venture with my new artist “Queenie Catora”. And will be working on her project, singles and videos coming soon as well, (She is also the CEO of Navi Quadela LLC), her clothing line Navi Quadela coming soon, I’ve signed on as creative consultant. And many things will transpire as I become more diverse as an entrepreneur. 

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