By :- R. Anthony Morrison



Afropunk is the term used to describe the participation of black people punk/alternative music culture.  The numbers of blacks involved in the Afropunk scene is small in the U.S. Throughout the world they represent a much larger community. In parts of Africa Afropunk is very popular. Some of the bands that have been part of the U.S. Afropunk community include: Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone, and Dead Kennedys. Since it's inception in 2005 the festival has grown into one of Brooklyn's most popular outdoor music festivals. In 2005, the  first annual AFROPUNK Festival took place at  Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Co-curated by Morgan and Spooner, the festival celebrated and unified the cultural cornerstones of AFROPUNK: music, film, skate. In  2008, the AFROPUNK Festival wass organized by Morgan and partner Jocelyn Cooper.  the term AFROPUNK  is considered to be synonymous with open-minded, non-conforming and unconventional. The festival is currently held at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. In 2015, the first ever AFROPUNK Festival out of the United States took place in Paris. AFROPUNK is planning to bring the festival to other cities, both in the U.S. and internationally.

 This year AFROPUNK invited the legendary Grace Jones to perform at their "Fancy Dress Ball" for charity. she also closed the show on the first day of the festival on Saturday Aug. 22. Sunday featured rock super star Lenny Kravitz as the closing headliner  The Saturday night performance given by Grace Jones was magnificnet. Grace Jones ruled Afropunk 2015. She had the entire audience spellbound and eating out of ther hand. Her performance included a bodypainted pole dancer, and numerous costume changes. She had cpomand of the stage before she even came to the stage. when she did arrive on stage she was everything. Grace was playful, flirty, funny, conversational.happy, and in charge. She scolded a photographer who took a shot of her on stage. "Distractions" she said sternly as she walked of stage momentarily, but then returned after a few seconds.

In addition to her classic hits like Pull Up To The Bumper, Walking In The Rain, and My Jamaican Guy, she peformed one of her new songs which pays homage to her Jamaican roots. Grace is never shy about acnowledging her heritage. "  I've just come back from Jamaica" she told the crowd which brought cheers and applause from the audience. Grace Jones is a timesless icon, an innovator in fasihon, style and music. Grace is not timid, she performed most of her covered in body paint, and topless. swith many of her performances she left the stage and was carried through the Afropunnk audience it was amamzing. Grace Jones closing the show on the first night of the AFROPUNK festival was truly epic. At 67 Grace Jones is now as she has always been, she's Grace, and she really doesn't give a ...

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