M-SEW SS 2016: Cup Match Runnings

By :- Caribbean POSH


Cup Match is Bermuda's annual two day holiday that revolves around a cricket match between the East (St. George's) and the West (Somerset) end of Bermuda. This significant summer holiday is becoming the islands carnival. The event now has activities that last a whole week. The traditional team colors are  red, and blue for Somerset; navy blue, and light blue for St. George. It is these colors that are featured in the collection presented by Meagan Wellman during  NYFW SS2016 at Harlem Fashion Row. Caribbean designer Meagan S. E.  Wellman brought the culture of the Caribbean to NYFW SS2016.

MW - My name is Meagan Wellman and the brand is M-SEW, it's my initials.

P - So lets talk about your collection and what inspired it.

MW - The collection is called Cup Match Runnings, it's based on cricket. I'm from Beremuda, Cup Match is our national cricket holiday so it's called Cup Match Runnings.

P - How did you express that concept in the collection?

MW - It has a lot of cricket references such as the padding on the sleeve of the jacket. I merged it with American vintage Sportswear. The collection has a vintage, and feminine aspect to.  I  also used the team colors in my color pallet with cricket whites.

P - How did you initially get interested in becoming a designer?

MW - I just ended up finding it really. I grew up around seamstresses, and around textiles. Over time it just grew on me,and here I am

P- Where are you based and how can customers find your designs?

MW - I'm based in London at the moment but if things go well in New York you never know I could soon be based in NY. My clothes are available online - www.m-sew.com

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