By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 featured some pretty amazing collections. While much of the pageantry is confined to the runways, we should not overlook the amazing presentations that are offered in some of the smaller tent spaces. Designer Cesar Galindo brought the flavor and colors of global travel to the tents with his 2014 collection "Czar". Inspired by the concept of virtual and global travel. Galindo's presentation also featured models from both the British and United States Virgin Islands. His travel based inspiration is even reflected in his inclusion of the VI models which made this presentation even that more exciting.  This was perhaps the first time in history the Virgin Islands were so well represented in the at the prestigious fashion week. The presentation was a joy for the eyes! Bold, brilliant color, metallic infused make up, and exotic hairstyles gave the presentation a futuristic element. The designs seemed to have the balmy climates of the islands in mind as the gowns with there brilliant colors seemed to be waiting for a nice breeze to make the fabrics dance. One could easily envision the models riding off in to the island sunset of the bicycle that served as a prop. POSH was able to get a few insights from the designer as we all took in splendor of "Czar".

POSH: Cesar, what was the inspiration for this collection?

Galindo: A lot of the inspiration comes from virtual travel, in the sense of being accessible to the world through your work. Before it took time for it to be exposed, and now we have technology to expose our work all over the world. So it's all about the future and living that now. 

POSH: You have presented collections in the Virgin Islands before, where did you show most recently? 

Galindo: Actually it was in Tortola

POSH: What do you like most about the Virgin Islands? 

Galindo: I love the people; in addition to the landscape the people are just as beautiful. I find it to be a very warming situation when you're going there to relax. 

POSH: What led to your decision to have so many models from the British and U.S. Virgin Islands in your presentation? 

Galindo: Terry Donovan, who produces the shows I've been involved with, talked to me about having some girls in my show. So I said why don't we have more than just a couple of girls.

POSH: Did you feel that you were giving a boost to models from the region? 

Galindo: There are so many beautiful girls there they just need the opportunity to expand their horizons of their island and travel around the world. 
Once they get beyond that they are able to have a bigger career, and to grow. What better place to do that, than the platform of New York City, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. POSH: What are some of the differences in producing shows in the islands in comparison to presenting at MBFW?

Galindo: Well we're at the pinnacle of show production here, in the islands the power might go out.  If that happens then you just figure it out and it's okay.

POSH:  Any plans to do more shows in the V.I.? 

Galindo: Sure anytime I'm invited to go I'm always happy to be there. 

POSH: Thank you Cesar for making the tie do this interview for our readers.


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