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Eva Marcille Pigford has kept on the move since she won America's Next Top Model Cycle 3. Since then she has been involved in a variety television series including appearing as Tyra Hamilton in the soap opera the Young and the Restless. Eva was one of several celebs that attended the Zang Toi collection at MBFW Lincoln Center. She was ultra chic in a hooded cape and accompanied by her management team, Kevin Dennis Jones and Ernest Williams of MGMT/Major Model. POSH caught up with Eva as she made her exit from the Zang Toi show.  We guess she was off to work on one of her many endeavors, like her new reality show currently in production. The team played it close to the vest on details about the show, so we will have to wait til summer to check out Eva's new reality adventure. So here are a few moments and a few questions with this pretty girl who definitely rocks!

POSH - Eva, what did you think of the collection?

EM - The show was amazing, absolutely fabulous, that black dress I'm wearing to the Oscars I already know.

POSH - Do you get to visit the Caribbean at all, what role do you feel this region plays in the mainstream fashion industry?

EM - I'm always in the Virgin Islands actually, I think  mainstream fashion has a lot of Caribbean inspiration, like if you look at Zang's show with the coloring, patterns and stuff. There's a lot of inspiration for fashion, even very mainstream fashions are influenced by the Caribbean for sure.

POSH - Would you ever consider doing another reality show?

EM - I'm in the process of shooting my own reality show now,  "Pretty Girls Rock " it should be out for the summer on Oxygen

POSH - Thank you so much Eva, all the best with your new show

EM - Thank you.

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