MBFW F2014 ZANG TOI : Shanghai swag

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Zang Toi's collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a tribute to his beloved father. With this collection Zang Toi brings us some Shanghai swag from the1930's.   As always the Zang Toi collection is beautifully tailored and presented with a bit of theater, and mystery. The Collection opened with a luxuriously styled pants suit that evoked the old movie gangster style. Classically tailored and topped with the kind of fedoras bad guys wore in old movies when they wanted to be noticed but not recognized. Make no mistake this is not about Chicago, or any other major American city of the 1930's.  Its about China, it's about Shanghai. It's about the merging, and blending of different styles and cultures. It's about luxury, gangsters, Art Deco, and high fashion. While the models were in hair and makeup backstage, POSH got a quick chat with the ever innovating designer Zang Toi.


P : Mr. Toi what was your inspiration for this latest collection?

ZT : "For 2014 it's about Shanghai in the 1930's, and there are two parts to the collection.The first part is a 1930's Shanghai meets gangster look, and then followed by Art Deco. Very opulent and glamorous Art Deco looks of Shanghai 1930's.

P : How did this concept influence your fabric choices?

ZT : I used a lot of luxurious fabrics, I used some herringbone as well. To drive home the theme of Shanghai 1930's, we have a beautiful silk Brocade. We named the colors Opium, and the fabrics were hand woven in Lyon France.

P : How will you open and close the show?

ZT : The opening will be a surprise for everyone we usually open with a big piece. This season I wanted to open with a signature Zang Toi tailoring, a beautifully tailored gangster pants suit. We will close with the Empress coat that hopefully will bring down the house."



Photos : Roy Anthony Morrison

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