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Every season David Tlale presents a greater insight into the vision of his brand. Its inspirations seem limitless. This season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 was no different. With "Aftermath" David Tlale presents fashion for a post volcanic environment.  POSH got the chance to talk to the designer before the show about his collection, his inspiration and his quest to make his brand a global phenomenon.


P : David tell us about the inspiration behind your collection this season.

DT : The inspiration behind the collection is based on the aftermath, where we focus on the dried lava. We focused on  the textures, colors, and also the drama of it. I  think there is nothing as dramatic as a volcano. So what we have played around is the fluidity of textures. There is the pattern engineering which we paid attention to but also making it sexy, and more appealing. The print we have used today is purely a replica of lava. Lava that is drying up, and also allowing it to evolve from when it is still flowing until it dries up. You can see those textures being reinterpreted in the collection. 

P : How did these ideas come together in the finished collection?

DT : We have draped jackets which are quite structured but with fluid long skirts. The colors evolve from beige to cement, there's a lot of black coming through. The textures we used is silk chiffon, silk organza, double crepe, brocades, a lot of wool coming through. Embellishments; we used lots of drama of Ostrich feathers which is our pride from South Africa because we are the biggest exporter of Ostrich feather sot the world.

P : After all the creative work is done what are your main concerns regarding presenting your collection?

DT : I'll say beyond anything else we just make sure that we present a collection that is wearable, that will sell. A collection that takes the brand David Tlale from where it has been for the past two seasons to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

P : Last season you worked with textile manufacturer Vlisco, do you still maintain a relationship with them?

DT : The relationship is still going on but I'm not focusing on Vlisco this season I'd like  to evolve my brand to another level. It's very easy for people to box you in. Oh he's from South Africa he's going to do African prints. No I do quite a lot, I have many inspirations and lots of directions in me.

P : I hear you have been spending some time with BET, are you working on a project with them?

DT : They are doing a little documentary around me, it started since Friday, and today is the last day. They've been following me around really getting to know the brand David Tlale. I think there is a lot of work we are going to be doing with BET. It's one of those amazing things when the world is starting to pay attention to you as a brand. It takes you to the next level because people get to understand the essence of who David Tlale is.


POSH would like to thank David Tlale and his production team for making this interview possible.

For more info on David Tlale visit - http://www.davidtlale.com/mb-fashionweek-2015.html



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