By :- R. Anthony Morrison



The Desigual Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is always a fun show. We are always looking forward to the Desigual happy model vibe that is always present, especially backstage. It's that happy fun spark that always gives the show a bit of cheeky fun. The brand has a way of blending tones, hues, colors, and textures in a way that remains balanced and equally vibrant. This seaons at MBFW F2015 they did not disappoint.

The Spanish brand’s unique persona is a melange of colourful prints that isn't for the fashionable timid. It's about bursts of color and distinct textures, brilliant florals in orange, and navy blue.  Sending a message that the brand embraces all customers, they chose Toronto born Chantelle Brown-Young to represent the face of the brand.  Also known as Winnie Harlow the former ANTM contestant has a skin condition called Vitiligo which causes de-pigmentation of the skin. After calls from many sectors of the industry for increased diversity, it's nice to see that the industry is listening. The show was a party of pattern on  pattern, and the balance provided by carefully chosen accessories. You can have a lot of fun with these clothes, especially where the sun and surf include warm days and comfortably cool nights.

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