MBFW S2014 : PROJECT RUNWAY, still making it work

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


NNow in it's 12th season project Runway is still going strong. Every season brings a mix of talented and interesting characters to the competition. This season Kahindo Mateene, Justin LeBlanc, Helen Castillo, Dom Streater, ken Laurence, Karen battes, Kate Pankoke, Jeremy Brandrick, Alexander Pope, Bradon McDonald, Angela Bacskoky, Sue Waller, Sandro Masmanidi, Miranda Levey, Timothy Westbrook, and Alexandria Von Bromssen stepped took the plunge. This season has also featured some high-profile guest judges, among them; June Ambrose, Michale Kors, and Kerri Washington who served as guest judge for the finale. This time around mentor Tim Gunn joins the judges at  the final runway presentations. Though he doesn't have a vote, he does have the "Tim Gunn save" which he used to rescue Justin LeBlanc from elimination. As the competition unfolds and the eliminations continue, on September 6th the tent is packed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the Project Runway finale. For anyone that has wondered, it is an actual part of MBFW, and the tent is soon reduced to standing room only. As usual once the show begins, Heidi Klum is joined by her fellow judges; Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and guest judge Kerri Washington. they  approach the press pit for a photo opp. Once she has introduced the judges, she asks Tim Gunn to make an appearance. Tim explains that he has been backstage helping to calm the nerves of the designers who are about to present collections.

Come show time, the designers are genuinely happy to be showing their collections at MBFW. Their families and loved ones are there to support them, and their stories of inspiration are both moving and honest. You do get a feel of what they are really about. It's something that you can't always be sure you're seeing when you watch a reality show. Seeing the final collections from the designers also shows just how much work they have put in and how much they have grown. of course they had a little bit more time to work that the usual day or two they might get during the competition. There were plenty of celebs on the scene. Before the show started, photographers snapped pics of June Ambrose, and Jay Emanuel, Miss USA 201 Nana Meriwether, and other front row attendees. There were plenty of Project Runway alumni in the house as well. Some of our readers who are regular viewers of the show might be expecting some insights into who the finalists are. We have to disappoint you on that one, we don;t have a clue. We will have to find out when everyone else does. That is because at MBFW the final collections of Project Runway were presented by the remaining eight contestants regardless of being eliminated or not. So, no big secrets to reveal ... well except for the introduction of the judges that had to be done over at the end of the show because it wasn't recorded the first time. It's a fashion show but it is still television, and these things happen. When they do, you just ... "make it work." In the stormy workd of reality television, Project Runway contnues to make it work, Heidi and Tim are Emmy winners this season, they seem to be enjpying the ride.




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