By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Anniesa Hasibuan was born in Jakarta. She is married to entrepreneur, Andika Surachman. Anniesa began designing for herself more as a hobby than a serious vocation. Over time her interest and passion increased and she began to design for friends as well. She soon embarked on a journey into fashion. With the support of her husband she went on to study fashion there. She last presented her collection at her first major show in London. Her designs are also featured at IFG (Indonesia Fashion Gallery) in New York City Last season Anniesa made history by being the first Muslim designer to showcase her designs with models on a NYFW runway  wearing hijabs. There was quite a buzz about this designer last season so it was definitely on the must see list this time around. We can't ignore the fact that in light of recent political developments this show also speaks to issues of freedom, tolerance, and understanding. It also serves to widen, and enlighten the public at large regarding the range and diversity within cultures. 

For NYFW F2017 the collection was titled; "Drama", and the inspiration is drawn from the beauty, strength, and diversity that reflects women all over the world. It is also a statement on the perception of fashion for women of other cultures. What is termed "modest fashion" embodies the concept that fashion, style and beauty do not require showing skin or wearing revealing clothing. Anniesa achieved a creative, and cultural balance in her designs. She has crafted a collection that has a Western flair while maintaining the integrity of her cultural aesthetic. models walked the runway with graceful measured steps top music that was hauntingly stoic, and beautifully majestic. Everything is elegant, and chic. Cropped, and fur trimmed jackets in done in a copper matallic textile. She used orange feathers, ruffles and gold and silver textiles. She even included her own take on the classic "Letter" sweater; a black top with a large latter "A" for Anniesa. Her use of silk, was elegant and added an ethereal quality to the sequined seperates that they were paired with. This show is an example of how fashion serves as a cultural vehicle for understanding and change. Designers such as Anniesa Hasibuan need to be recognized and included in the mission to shape meaningful change, and exchange.

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