By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Beaded gowns , bodysuits with patterns that evoke long lost cultures, and  majestic headpieces are all aspects of the avant garde  designs of Filipino designer Rocky Gathercole are a feast for the eyes. The designer once aspired to be a mall janitor.  He lived and worked in the Middle East and traveled to the U.S In 2010, to participate in Miami Fashion Week, his first ever show in the U.S. From there went on to show at New York Fashion Week in 2011.

Gathercole's designs are the stuff of fantasy and dreams. he works with a variety of fabrics and materials. His designs range from strange to elegant. Perhaps the most captivating is his metal work. His ability to combine metal elements with fabrics is what makes his work so weird and wonderfully avant garde. Rocky Ghathercole has amassed an impressive list of celebrities who have worn is designs. Among the celebrities who have favored his work are; Katy Perry,  Paris Hilton,Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez.

Rock Gathercole presented his new collection during NYFW SS2017 to a packed house. His inspiration for this collection was a "celebration of colors." That was evident in the brightly colored, and patterned bodysuits that came playfully down the runway. Adding to the diversity of his design was an elegant, and chic rainbow dress. Of course there is the weird stuff. The designs that look like they were designed for the latest Sci-fi blockbuster are what transfixed the audience the most. Gathercole's work with metal is truly amazing. he is able to fashion pieces that make you wonder how he was able to work metal so delicately. Models came down the runway in designs that evoke a futuristic, post -apocalyptic world. This was definitely one of the shows we were glad to catch during FW. We look forward to more from this enigmatic designer.

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