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P-What is the story behind "POSHE" and how has your educational background helped you along the way?

POSHE came about with the help of a friend when I decided to launch my clothing line, we brainstormed on few options but that just fit. I wanted a name that was reflective of my personality and zest, that without any other description said everything I wanted to represent. When you think of POSHE, the brand identity automatically resounds...you think sophisticated, glamorous, girly, vibrant, stylish, sexy ... all words that reflect my design style and overall brand positioning.

A background in Marketing and International Business has definitely been beneficial in building the 'POSHE' brand, through my knowledge in the practical aspect of running a business such as, marketing campaigns, brand associations, accounting etc I'm able to be more hands on in steering the business in direction I want it.

P -What are some of the inspirations for POSHE designs?

I'm inspired by pop culture, especially music, in another lifetime I would love to have the talent of singing ... I'd probably have chosen that given the choice (laughs). I also draw inspiration from other elements such as the fabric I'm using, colours, texture ... I design for a woman that loves life,embraces being sexy but encompasses an innate sophistication .... the Fun, Fearless Female!

P-Home to Caribbean Fashion Week, Jamaica is probably one of the most fashion forward Caribbean countries with a host of talented designers.What sets you apart from the rest?

I believe each designer has their own unique design style and its amazing the magnitude of talent Jamaica has ... POSHE is know for being
edgy, chic, contemporary, stylish, sophisticated. I'm also a stylist with a natural flair for fashion so that makes it easier for me when working with a design concept ... I see the entire look before even sketching it. I pay attention to details ... bit of a perfectionist so
the fit, the finish, the accessories, everything must work together.

P- Who are some of your favourite fashion designers?

I absolutely love Gwen Stefani's ultra-edgy LAMB line, Betsy Johnson is funky, vibrant and girly, Michael Kors is glamorous and
sophisticated and adore D'Squared's out-of-the-box creativity.

P-Tell me about your current line?

The POSHE 'JamrockGlam' Collection infused the elements of Jamaican Culture with being a glamorous fashionista. It transcends the general preconception of urban and resort wear usually related to Jamaican wear. I used the Reggae colours, red,green,yellow, black throughout in an unconventional way that didn't scream 'Reggae' or 'Bob Marley' but still said JAMAICA!! I infused the energy, vibrancy, style of our people and music whilst staying true to my design esthetics and brand image.

P- You recently showed in Miami. Was this your first time showing outside of Jamaica?

The Miami International Fashion Week was my first big show outside of Jamaica but I have shown on smaller, more intimate productions in Miami and New York.

P-I noted 2007 as your initial start - after 4 years what has been your greatest successes or achievements thus far?

The overall growth and household name recognition of the brand locally is my greatest achievement so far ... every project I undertake is in an effort to go to the next level in building a long-term sustainable business. I will be moving officially to NY this summer to pursue a Masters at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Global Fashion. Management, whilst promoting my brand. I already have a few shows lined up for my official debut in NY along with other projects ... this to me is just the next step in making a name on the global scene.

P-In the last few years POSHE seemed to have evolved into more than a fashion line. I see your also into Marketing, Event Production, and TV Production?

That was always my long term vision, to diversify into different aspects of fashion. I've thus worked of various projects in those
areas, my most recent being the 'Mission Catwalk' designer competition TV series. I've also worked on many commercials, music videos and fashion shows.

P -Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself on a continued mission of success, building a reputable business, having POSHE clothing in boutiques not only in Jamaica but
the rest of the Caribbean, Europe and US. On a personal aspect,married to a wonderful man and probably with one child so far ... that is the dream I intend to make come true!

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