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Caribbean Posh Magazine: Why the name Prajje 1983?

Prajje: My interest in fashion began when he was born in 1983. Prajje 1983 is a combination of the year I was born and my name Prajje Jean Baptise, the President and Creative Director of Prajje 1983.

Caribbean Posh Magazine: Throughout the branding and the designs I sense a strong cultural pride. So this is obviously important. Why is this an important element for Prajje 1983?

Prajje: It is important for people to know who I am, that I came from Haiti, and what the future has in store for Prajje 1983. Most of the time, Haiti is portrayed in the media with negative conations. Through my creative designs I am here as role models to show the world that there are many talents and treasures Haitians have to share. Additionally, sending the message of being strong and not forgetting where you came from.

Caribbean Posh Magazine: When did you realize that you wanted to be a designer?

Prajje: I always wanted to be a designer and imagined myself making clothes at a young age. I started designing as a sophomore in high school and started to showcase my collection with local area (Boston, Ma) fashion shows. I then took this passion and obtained technical learning at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in 2009.

Caribbean Posh Magazine: There is a pretty strong display of Cultural Pride Displayed what else is involved in the concept of Prajje 1983 that can be credited as inspiration?

 Prajje: My inspiration is Haiti and the people. The Payizan (peasant) collection represents the beauty of the farmers and market lady that are often seen as lower class. Although seen this way, they are happy and glamorous in their own way.

 Caribbean Posh Magazine: Have you ever displayed your work in Haiti or have plans to do so?

 Prajje: My work has not yet been displayed in Haiti however; we do have long term goals to have operations in Haiti.

 Caribbean Posh Magazine: With more and more Caribbean Designers on the rise and with Caribbean Culture having such influence on style in mainstream media - do you foresee more Caribbean designers on the runways of Caribbean Fashion Week or in major designer stores such as Macy's? Is that even a goal for Prajje 1983?

 Prajje: Definitely, I think mainstream media is highly influenced by Caribbean designs and there will be more Caribbean designers on the runway all over the world. I think Caribbean Designers will not only be in Macy’s, Neman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Caribbean Posh Magazine: What is your expectation or hope for a woman when wearing a Prajje 1983 design?

Prajje: Every piece form our collection is made with love and care. We want the woman wearing Prajje 1983 to feel that love and care through comfortably, boldness, and to be set apart from the crowd by not looking like any other woman; while knowing that she is working it.

Caribbean Posh Magazine: Where can Prajje 1983 designs be found?

 Prajje: Prajje 1983 can currently be found on Interested individuals may email info@prajje1983 for sales inquiries. Prajje 1983 Payizan Collections will soon be available in select department stores and boutiques.

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