PROJECT RUNWAY : Tim Gunn on Ice

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Once again the designer contestants of Project Runway reach the pivotal moment when it is revealed who is in and who is out. Posh was front of house for this seasons finale, and contrary to what you might be thinking; we have no idea who the winner will be. Char Glover, Kini Zamora, Sean Kelly, Amanda Valentine have been announced as the finalists. After the big finale at MBFW S2015 we get to find out who's in and who is out as usual. As usual. What some of you may not know is that  a few more than the final four get to show collections at Fashion Week. some of the eliminated cast do in fact get to see their collections on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This of course prevents the media from spilling the beans on the final pics before hand.

Yes it's great to get an advance look at the final collections, and seeing the evolution of the designers throughout the drama filled elimination process. This time however there was a bit of a twist. After the last of the collections had been viewed Heidi had an announcement. If you have seen Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent then you know that she has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. She informed the audience that since doing the challenge she had nominated Tim Gunn who apparently had been avoiding his dousing.

When Tim finally emerged from backstage he walked up to the mic carrying a glass with some brown liquid in it. He took to the mic and announced that he had no intention of allowing himself to be humiliated. He then held up his glass and told the audience that it held a "Manhattan" that he intended to put ice in as his answer to the challenge. Heidi seemed to think that gesture would not be sufficient to satisfy the challenge. She then asked she audience if Tim should do the real challenge. half the audience was for and the other half was against. I myself could not imagine the always dapper and well dressed fashion mentor allowing this to happen.Interestingly enough while he and Heidi debated her accomplices emerged with a bucket that we were told was filled with ice. A plastic tarp was laid on the runway and held firmly. Mr. Gun finally relented and well the rest is history. MBFW has never seen anything like this, and I doubt we will see that again. It was one of those special one of a kind moments that happen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week so much damn fun.

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