The Rise of NexCyx

By :- Janette Brin


By Shakirah Bourne 

NexCyx, a five member pop-hip-hop-island mashup band from Barbados, noticed more alerts from their Twitter account in March this year. To their pleasant surprise, the alerts came from a member of the team at, host of favourite American reality singing show, American Idol, letting them know that their cover of Moves Like Jagger had made it into the second round of their Favourite Maroon 5 Cover competition.

Success like this comes as no surprise, as NexCyx has been rocking local airwaves with songs like breakout single, Gossip Girl, released in 2009, Queen, On The Floor and Nightclub Superheroes. Since their inception in 2004, band members; André (keyboardist), Chadd (drummer), Kris (bassist), Mahalia (lead vocalist) and Russell (guitarist), have been in demand to play at various gigs due to their loving and faithful fan base.

It is this fan base that helped the band to be selected winners of the Hennessy “Chase the Music. Own The Stage.” competition last year. The prize allowed them to perform at the Cognac Blues Passions Festival in France, where they shared the stage with artists such as Sting and Tom Jones. The well-received performance landed the band a glowing review in news outlets across Asia and Europe.

Their last noted performance was opening for Air Supply this month at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium in Barbados, and that is just the gateway for bigger things to come. Winning the Ryan Seacrest competition put the band in a great position for international recognition and the opportunities that come with it. According to lead singer, Mahalia, the band is beyond grateful for the doors the contest has opened.  In the next three years, they hope that NexCyx will be a household name on the lips of fans all over the world, that they would have performed at major concert venues and topped a few charts.

The band will celebrate their ten year anniversary next year; a great milestone given that many bands, local, regional and international, rarely achieve such a feat. When asked about the glue that holds the band together, Mahalia replied, “we love what we do and we all have common goals and we all want to get there together. We also stay together because we started off as friends and now we're like family.”

The band’s biggest challenge right now is trying to prioritize all the opportunities that have been coming their way. Mahalia acknowledges that they are all amazing but the band is quickly learning that they have to pay attention to balancing work and life in general. “It's easy to forget we're human sometimes - with spouses and kids and families. Music is a lifestyle and it filters into every other part of my life, and that's amazing. It helps to have a family that believes in me and in my career path. My husband, Cyrus, is really supportive and always encourages me.”

This is a challenge that many aspiring bands would love to have, and Mahalia specially thanks NexCyx fans – the best fans a band could want.  “We have received encouragement and advice from so many along the way; artists, media and otherwise”. She encourages other Caribbean bands to get to know who they are, and stay true to it.

For now, NexCyx will continue spending their days conceiving, creating, practicing, performing and liming. The band recently released a new single, Eternal Summer. “We are eager to share this song with our fans in Barbados and beyond, who have been requesting a new track from NexCyx,” said André, musical director. Eternal Summer borrows from traditional Barbadian tuk rhythms and popular folk tune, “John Belly Mama.”

To find out more about NexCyx, persons can go to their website: and follow their recent activities on Facebook:

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