Something Borrowed by Nucia Paul of St.Lucia

By :- Janette Brin



In 2010 when I started planning my wedding I really wanted to rent a gown I wanted to go to a store with my sisters and try on dresses and have options that I could chose from. Unfortunately there was no such thing in St. Lucia. The options were very sparse and the gowns were anything but modern. With a lot of regret I ended up travelling to the US to buy a gown.

In 2012 when I left the company I worked for 10 yrs. I decided to start my own business. At the time I didn't know what business to go into and then remembered my experience as a bride. I thought what about the other brides who want that same experience and who cant afford to travel to buy a gown? I decided to do some market research and see what brides were looking for. Turns out people want to get married, they want to look great but still want to do it on a budget so renting a wedding dress was a very common thought. That is where Something Borrowed Bridals came from. In building the business took it a step further and decided to give brides the option of renting not just the gown but also their jewelry, bouquets and other accessories that would probably be used only on that day.

In September 2013 SB Bridal opened its doors to the public in Goodland's St Lucia. It is a comfortable lounge that brides can come into with their friends and family and have an enjoyable experience. We work with appointments so only one bride is there at a time and are given our full attention.

Since the Lounge is not in the popular areas of the malls or the vicinity of the city we have had to do a lot of Advertising in the media, social and otherwise. We had a formal launch in the form of a bridal showcase…the first of its kind in St Lucia where brides and grooms were invited to network with vendors that cater to the wedding industry and it culminated with a grand Bridal fashion show of our gowns with models from sizes 2-24.

We cater for both local and destination brides. Persons coming into the island to get married and do not want to bring a gown can contact us, select a gown from our website and we do a fitting with an alterations specialist once they come on island. Our local brides are thrilled to have the options available and although we are primarily a rental company, all our gowns have the option for purchase for those sentimental brides who want to do that.

Sometime in the near future we plan to extend our services to cater for the grooms as well. We are happy that we are servicing a need I St Lucia and nearby islands.

We can be reached on our email, Facebook: something borrowed St. Lucia or 758 485 6378.

 Also our gowns can be seen on our website


Something Borrowed Bridals

Love it. Lend it. Own it.

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