STON CRAWFORD : Special effects and the art of swimwear design

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On June 16, 18 Emerging designers showcased  their collections at the PLITZS Swimwear passion for Fashion Designer Showcase. The event took place at the sophisticated and luxurious show venue the Warwick Hotel in New York City.

Designers presenting their collections were ; Eulena Leader (Elusive Leader) , Ston Crawford, Koko D.( Tamarea Cummings/Kimore Young), AieshaJohnson (Intimate Candy) Janet Pepe (Tease Swimwear), Michelle Cole (ColeFacts), Deanna Padovani-DePaco (DP Bikinis) Adisa Christopher (AdisaC.), Lisa Opie (Vizcaya Swimwear), Victoria Spector (Victoria Swimwear), Melanie Gonzales (the Label Swimwear), Mihaela CiupeiMoontess) CrystalKahri (Bombshell Bikinis), Pat Brown (Aphrodisiac Swimwear), Laura Lewis (Dija Swimwear),Shonda Lewis (Rockstar Bikini), Marina Zaitsiva(Lemaison de Pascale), and Chandra Maharaj (Chandra Maharaj Swimwear.
Many roads lead to fashion but perhaps few are as curios as one of the designers we met. Ston Crawford a native of Brooklyn NY,  brings a unique background to fashion and design that many would find puzzling. Indeed as a former special effects and theatrical costume designer he has a unique point of view. In his special effects work he created masks and props for horror movies. After developing an interest in fashion Mr. Crawford decided gain some experience in clothing production. The next step for him to seek out and work with  fashion designers. Ston eventually  decided to start his own line by combining special fx and fashion. To accomplish this mission he chose to work with latex. A versatile medium in the hands of  an artist Ston creates and produces designs that incorporate  multiple textures, patterns, and styles and designs. He has been at the helm of Ston Crawford Apparel since 2010 and he continues to grow his brand. We were intrigued by his ideas so we decided to have a quick chat.
P- Ston, you bring an interesting background to fashion true?

SC: Yes actually before I worked in fashion I did special effects for film and theater.

P- How did you transition into fashion and prepare to start your line?

SC: I did a show in North Carolina I worked under a fashion designer. I  pretty much worked with her and I learned as I observed, and then I put out my own line.

P- How did you come up with the concept for your swimwear line?

SC: I'm very creative I like to do things that haven't been done, so I thought to use latex because I'd never seen it used as a medium.

P- the latex seems unusual as a fashion medium who does your previous experience come into play when working with this kind of material

SC: With latex whatever comes to mind you can produce so I just had a crazy idea and I merged technology. The same way that computers and iphones are pretty much a merging of technology, as an artist I'm merging mediums. So this line is the product of merging mediums

P- How long have you worked as a designer overall?

SC: I've been designing arts for about 25 years, latex is actually a new area and I've been doing that for about two years.

P- Do you see this swimwear line as compilation of your skills?

SC: This latex line is pretty much the compilation and merging of the two, special effects and fashion and that aspect of my work is about five months old.

P - Do you plan to present your collection at any shows in the near future?

SC: Yes I have another show in North Carolina, that's in a few months and I'm pretty sure I'll have more offers coming up.

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