United Colors Of Fashion's 4th Annual Gala : writing new runways

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Founded by Haitian born Ciano Clerjuste United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) is the first registered 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S. to offer free fashion education to youth in the tri state area. Based in New York City, the non-profit organization provides a range of services and scholarships for resourced youth. In addition to mentorship, UCOF also provides; fashion-focused education, counseling, internship opportunities, and entrepreneurial development.  Students have the opportunity to pursue their education in fashion free of charge through UCOF's Student Training Arts and Design (STAND) program. The STAND program operates under the UCOF Academy Education division. 

The program is staffed by dedicated individuals who volunteer their time. Through the STAND program students can receive instruction in the areas of Fashion Design, PR & Marketing, Production & Product Development, Global Fashion, and Fashion Merchandising. To date the organization has assisted over 350 in gaining access to institutions of higher learning. UCOF has also assisted in the process of obtaining scholarships for their students.  The Gala featured collections presented by the UCOF Academy students along with designers. Malan Breton (USA), Agatha Ruiz De La Prada (Spain), Berny Martin (Haiti), Anisa Mpungwe (Tanzania), David Tlale (South Africa), Amparo Chorda (Spain).

UCOF also awarded honors to Devyn Abdullah (2014 Model of the year), Meck Khalfan (2014 Techno innovator of the year), and Malan Breton (2014 Designer of the year). Hosts Janice Huff (NBC), and Mike Ruiz were assisted with the awards by casting director Sandi Bass, and UCOF founder Ciano Clerjuste. Namibian born Jan Malan director of Umzingeli Productions produced the fashion show for the event and helped to make this spectacular night of fashion one to remember. UCOF and it's many supporters are to be commended for helping to open the doors to the fashion industry for those who would otherwise abandon their dreams.

To learn more about UCOF, please visit; www.unitedcolorsoffashion.org


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