Women & Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet

By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Catherine Schreiber
Debbie Dickinson, and vocalist Khadia
Yulia Saparniiazova, designer Loris Diran, and Aubé Linda Jolicoeur
Treveen Stewart
The Women & Fashion Film festival began in style June 3, with a red carpet event at the Gold Bar in NYC. Supermodels such as Grace Bol, and Nykhor Paul posed for pictures on the red carpet along with legendary Fashion Diva Pat Cleveland. The annual event is not in it's second year and the organizers couldn't be more pleased. At this years red carpet kick-off Sara Ziff Founder of the Model Alliance received the  Inspiration and Visionary Award. There seemed to be waves of celebrities coming and going. It was a fun night with lots of wonderful people coming out for a great cause.

Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim is the Founder & Executive Director, and Paul van Ravenstein serves as the festival's Director. The WFF is a socially responsible event gathering leaders in fashion, entertainment, and media to support women. Some of  last years panelists included; Pat Cleveland, Patricia Field, and Robert Verdi. This years films and panel discussions included the fashion insights of Andre Leon Talley of Vogue. Have a look at who Posh caught looking ....well POSH!

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