5 Questions for Gramps Morgan

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1. Is finding true love more difficult for you as an artiste?

At times it can be hard but it depends on when your career started. If you have success as a child in the business it will be very hard to find true love but as adult your chances are much better.

2. Some men only treat their ladies well on Valentine’s Day, how do you feel about this?

That's stupid to just treat your woman good on Valentine’s Day you should treat her good on every day of the week.

3. Do you have any plans yet for this Valentine’s Day?

I will be working this year on Valentine’s Day and traveling on the same day. I don't get to celebrate much holidays.

4. What’s the most romantic thing you have even done for a special someone?

Well I just can’t remember that one … I think I do allot of nice things …don't know if I consider them romantic or it’s just me naturally.

5. What’s your favorite love song?

My favorite love song is “I Wanna be your Man” by Roger Zapp

"2 Side of My Heart"

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