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By :- Janette Brin

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Bellaforma Wine is a producer of premi-yum wines made from the exotic fruits and flowers that adorn the Caribbean landscape. Bellaforma was the original name given to the island of Tobago by Christopher Columbus. The name means “beautiful form”.

Bellaforma Wine is the vision of Laurence “Saundo” Saunders who was a native of the island of Tobago from the small village of Moriah. His goal was to produce quality fruit wines using local fruits. His passion and determination were infectious and soon became a family affair. He worked hard at refining his craft and experimented with a variety of local fruits and flowers. In the summer of 1993, his winemaking dream became a reality. After much trial and error, he showcased his wines at the World Food Day Exhibition.

An article in the Tobago News gave credence to his endeavor. It read, “…His wines were a big hit at the recent World Food Day Exhibition where a number of patrons attested to the quality of his products…This column takes pleasure in giving full support to Mr. Saunders for taking the initiative to produce some exciting products…It is something that we should hold with pride…Hats off to Laurence Saunders.”

Mr. Saunders did not live see his vision fully realized, but the tradition of quality, ingenuity and excellence lives on through his children. It is our goal to build upon this foundation to craft distinctive wines of unparalleled quality for your enjoyment. Our emphasis is on a small, yet unique selection of wines. We currently offer three dessert-style fruit wines – Passion fruit, Sorrel and Pineapple.

Our Sorrel wine is made from the red sorrel plant found throughout the Caribbean region. This red wine is celebrated for its distinctive flavor and is sure to play havoc with your senses. This wine tells the story of a flower that has been kissed by the Caribbean sun, watered by the tropical rain and allowed to bloom in mineral rich soil. 

Can you handle this? Bella Pineapple wine is rich and fruity. It is full-bodied and superbly structured with a smooth finish. But there is so much more to this wine. We won’t spoil the surprise… We’ll let you be the judge.

The definition of finesse; this wine is so magnificent and seductive that the bold, rich flavors come as a total surprise. But that is only the beginning; the echoes of passion fruit remain on the palate long after your glass is empty.

We can be found in the New York / New Jersey areas and will continue to expand into other US states. Within the Caribbean, we can be found in Tobago and also have plans to expand our sales to the other islands. It is our goal to establish the Caribbean as the new wine region. We invite anyone who has a passion for wines and an appreciation for these delectable tropical fruits to join us on this new adventure! 

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